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Your smile might be telling more about you than you think

Your smile might be telling more about you than you think. According to the American Heart Association and Mayo Clinic, recent studies show that there is a direct link between your oral health and heart disease. Today more than 80% of Americans are living with gum disease, many of them being seniors. Gum disease is […]

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It’s February and hearts are everywhere!

It’s February and hearts are everywhere!! How is your loved ones heart? Every 34 seconds someone is experiencing a heart attack in the U.S. and someone dies of a heart attack every 60 seconds. Many women don’t experience the classic symptoms that accompany a heart attack- find out what they are BEFORE it happens to […]

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Financial Exploitation of Seniors in Venice, FL

Do you know what the fastest growing form of elder abuse is? Financial exploitation. Financial exploitation has become one of the greatest threats to our most vulnerable segment of the population. It’s estimated that financial abuse costs our seniors more than $36 billion a year and is on the rise, affecting 1 in every 20 […]

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